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Numerology Calculator Select software is a universal numerology calculator
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Numerology calculation is considered important in some beliefs, those where people embrace the idea that there is a relationship between numbers (or number values of words) and certain events marked by those numbers. Numerology Calculator Select is a program that will help users to analyze their names and get numeric values related to astrology and astronomy. The program supports up to three names for simultaneous analysis. Typed in letters are categorized into vowels and consonants, and the latter are automatically written in caps.

The program analyzes data using four different well-known methods, which are: Chaldean system, Pythagorean Reduced, Pythagorean Reduced KV, and Pythagorean UnReduced. Each method uses its own way of calculation, based on the the culture of its creators. Whilst using any of these methods, you will have the option to sum all three parts and also to exclude or include numerics.

One definite treat in this program is the ability to export data and results into Microsoft Word and print them as well. Many other functions are included in the program, such as calculator, calendar, and more.

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